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What to expect during your treatment…

There are things you can do to ensure your treatment wraps up in a timely manner. By following these suggestions, you can avoid any setbacks during your treatment.

Keep your appointments

Keep your appointments

Make sure to keep your adjustment appointments. Postponing or cancelling will delay treatment!

Be sure to show up on time to your appointments. This will give Dr. Mendieta and our team time to do everything we planned during your adjustment visit.

When prescribed, make sure you are diligent about wearing rubber bands or other appliances.

Avoid damage to your braces and teeth by wearing a mouth guard during sports activities.

Make sure to brush and floss regularly! Gum disease or other dental work can delay orthodontic treatment.


Importance of tooth brushing for adolescents

I am often surprised to see how dirty some kid’s teeth are.  I try to change their perspective on personal hygiene by making them aware they are getting closer to the age in which image matters.  That being said, I remind them that nobody wants to talk to someone with bad breath! yuk!!  I whisper, “A crush on a girl or guy is just around the corner and guess what?  You are not going to get points by having yesterday’s scrambled eggs on your braces”!

Adolescents are at the age where they care more and more what people think of them.  And I find a little perspective on how it affects their popularity and reputation help keep hygiene at the top of their list especially as they approach highschool.

-Dr Mendieta

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