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5 Step Guide to Preventing Tooth Decay While Wearing Braces

If you’re wearing braces, then you know we are working hard to straighten your teeth. However, your braces are also preventing you from easily cleaning your teeth. It is essential that you put some extra attention into preventing tooth decay while wearing your braces. When your braces are finally removed, you want a beautiful, white smile, not decayed or stained teeth. Here, we’ve listed the five best ways to help you have the smile you’ve always dreamed of once your braces are gone.

1.  Use a Special Toothbrush

5 steps to clean teeth
5 steps to clean teeth

A regular toothbrush just doesn’t cut it when you are wearing braces. You also need to use an interdental toothbrush so that you can effectively clean behind the braces. This type of brush has bristles that are shaped like a Christmas tree that can remove food residue in the braces and on the teeth.

2.  Brush after Every Meal

Since braces block food from naturally escaping your teeth after eating, it’s important that you take the time to brush and floss after every meal. The less time food has to sit on your teeth, the less likely it is to cause decay. This may seem like an inconvenience, but trust us, when you get your braces off, you will be very glad you brushed after every meal.

3.  Don’t Forget the Mouth Rinse

Even after properly brushing and flossing, there are probably some food particles in your braces. A fluoride mouth rinse is the best way to ensure that every bit of food is removed after meals. If you do not have a mouth rinse available, we suggest using water — it’s better than nothing.

4.  Avoid Sweets

Prevention is definitely the best medicine when it comes to avoiding tooth decay. If you can nix decay-causing sugary foods from the outset, we promise you’ll spend less time trying to treat problems in the future.

5.  Get Regular Checkups

Visit your dentist regularly while you are wearing braces. Our office recommends a thorough cleaning every three to six months.

– our entire team at Global Smiles Orthodontics is here to make sure your teeth are as beautifully straight as they are healthy!


Lemons, Soda, & your Enamel

Say no to lemons!  We don’t mean stop using it for cooking or making a beverage.  We mean don’t suck on them.  It is surprising how many people like the tangy or sour taste of a lemon that makes them pucker.  The reality is the acidic nature of lemons and soda can dissolve your enamel.  Once your enamel goes away, it does not grow back!  That being said, the next layer of your teeth is the dentin which if exposed can cause you to have sensitivity and may lead to tooth decay.

Constant acid exposure to enamel will cause the enamel to erode.

Constant acid exposure to enamel will cause erosion

Stay away from prolonged exposure to acidic foods like lemons and sodas.  If you do consume acidic beverages on a daily basis, try to neutralize the acid by swishing with water or better yet brushing afterwards.


How to protect your baby’s teeth

Did you know that by age 5, 30% of kids have tooth decay.  It is extremely important to impart good oral hygiene early on in every child’s upbringing.  A visit to the Pediatric dentist should be done between 6 months and 1 year old.  This is when your child will start to show their first baby tooth.

Erupting baby teeth

Bottom baby teeth erupt first

use to relieve sore gums

Wash Cloth used to relieve sore gums

Some tips to give the baby teeth a fighting chance from decay is to take a wash cloth and gently wipe the gums and teeth after feeding.  Sore gums as teeth erupt (teething) can be alleviated with a cold wet wash cloth over the gums.

Visit your Pediatric Dentist prior to age 1 or when the first tooth erupts and visit your Orthodontist by age 6.  Thanks for visiting!

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The link between diabetes and oral health

On April 28, 2012, the Centro Esperanza Latina (CEL), will host “TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH”.  Dr. Edgar Mendieta will be specifically speaking about The Link between Diabetes and Oral Health.  Other topics include:

  • Breast Cancer
  • What is Diabetes?
  • Importance of Nutrition
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • The Link between Diabetes and Oral Health

    Dr. Mendieta & Molar-tron giving oral hygiene instructions

    Dr. Mendieta & Molar-tron giving oral hygiene instructions

Global Smiles Orthodontics will team up with Centro Esperanza Latina (CEL).  The CEL is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing Clinical and Prevention services, Family Programs, Educational Programs and Comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs for the Latino community.  CEL was established in 2001 to serve Central Ohio.

This event will be in Spanish.  We hope you and your patients can attend the event held April 28th from 10am-2pm at the Centro Esperanza Latina on 2300 Sullivant Ave. Columbus, OH 43204.

We look forward to increasing our involvement in the Westside and the health of its residents!

Dental Tips for Valentine’s Day

Smile bright this Valentine's day

Smile bright this Valentine's day

When 83% of people surveyed believe teeth are more important traits than hair and eyes AND that the smile is the facial feature 50% of people notice first (AAP Survey) your Valentine’s day tip begins with your smile:)

With so much emphasis on your smile, lets go through a simple check list you can do for yourself and your Valentine to make it the best!

If you have a crooked tooth or a noticeable space in between your teeth, visit your orthodontist to get them straightened.  You can have your choice of treatment from Invisalign, ceramic, or traditional braces.  Your smile may not be ready overnight but it will make a world of difference in your confidence for the rest of your life!

Brush your teeth!  Bad breath or halitosis is what 32% of Americans cite as the least attractive trait of their co-workers.  Bad breath can cause others to avoid you.  If your friends and co-workers have to take a step back or often hold their breath when you speak to them, its time to take out that soft bristled tooth brush and mouthwash!  Do this at least 3 times a day or after every meal.  Flossing once a day will keep food out from in between your teeth.  Click for an instructional video at the bottom of Mendieta Orthodontics website.

Those of you who smoke should know tobacco causes bad breath and stains your teeth.  This leads us to our next tip.  If you smoke, drink coffee, or tea chances are you could use some whitening.  There are lots of different ways to go about it.  Since Valentine’s day is so close, you may not be able to see your dentist for a whitening appointment.  Try the over the counter (OTC) whitening gels which call for two applications per day and can take up to 14 days to achieve optimal results.  Generally, the best whitening you can get is from your dentist who can use a higher concentration of the gel in combination with whitening trays.  The results can be dramatic even after one sitting.  A word of caution, with either OTC or in-office whitening, tooth sensitivity after or during the procedure can occur.

Straight, white teeth, and fresh breath is sure to give you a spring of confidence so Cupid can work his magic this Valentine’s day for you and your sweetheart.  Have fun out there!Image

Baby Bottle Decay

Progression of baby bottle decay

Children need their teeth to be strong and healthy so they can chew, speak, and have a wonderful smile.  Another function baby teeth have is to hold the space for the permanent teeth.  As the adult tooth erupts, the baby tooth will fall out.  If the baby tooth falls out early, the adjacent teeth could drift into the vacant space.  The huge issue with that is the permanent tooth could become blocked by other teeth that drifted into the baby tooth’s old place!  Orthodontics can correct the problem but doesn’t it make sense to just prevent it?

Every child is at risk for baby bottle decay.  The first tooth generally appears at 6 years of age.  Frequent exposure to sugar and liquids that contain juice, beast milk, and formula can harbor bacteria.  If the bacteria is in constant contact with the teeth an acidic medium will form after exposure for 20 minutes or longer according to the American Dental Association.

Prevention is the best step to stop the decay from forming.  For a baby who has a few teeth, use a child size tooth brush and water.  If your child 2 years and older, use ADA recommended tooth paste.  Infants and bottle users should not go to bed with a bottle of sweet juices nor soft drinks.  Also limit the exposure time to a sippy cup.

Healthy (left) Baby bottle decay (center) Severe decay (right)

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1st Annual Dentistry from the Heart

Mendieta Orthodontics

Dr. Mendieta helping out those in need

We know how tough things are out there.  Many of our patients are having a hard time making ends meet.  We decided to participate in a way that demonstrates our commitment to our community and our skills and benefits our community!

We are going to participate in the 1st Annual Dentistry from the Heart in Columbus, Ohio!  On the 21st of October head over to 3421 South Blvd. 43204 to get Free fillings, extractions, or cleanings for Adults!

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In Spanish

Dr. Mendieta