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What is an Observation or Recall Appointment?

Moms and dads have busy schedules. Picking their children up from school and taking them to the orthodontist is no small task. Sometimes the appointments are very short and seemingly meaningless. One of these appointments is the observation or recall visit. These appointments are usually less than 15 minutes and many wonder if they are necessary at all. Recall or observation appointments are very important, and here’s why…Dental X-ray

Observation or recall visits are scheduled for orthodontic patients who are either not yet quite ready for braces or have had an interceptive phase of treatment and are waiting for their remaining permanent teeth to come in so they can finish. The orthodontist may take a progress x-ray at this appointment to help him evaluate your child’s dental development.

The objective of an observation appointment is to counsel with the family about the timing of the next phase of treatment.  This might mean waiting a few months or even years. If we start too early, your son or daughter may have the braces on too long. If we wait too long, we might miss the opportunity to keep treatment as short as possible or end up extending it into the prom or graduation years of high school (not popular with patients or their families).

Having your orthodontist follow your child’s development will help them receive the care they need when they need it.   Next time your son or daughter has an observation visit here at Global Smiles Orthodontics, make sure you make it in, we think you’ll find that these short, to-the-point appointments are as important as any you’ll ever have.

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