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Taking care of your retainers

Retainers at Global Smiles Orthodontics

Retainers at Global Smiles Orthodontics

Congratulations!!  Now that you have your braces off you can show the world your new smile!  At Global Smiles Orthodontics we promote retention so the teeth do not shift.  Here are 7 Steps for taking care of your retainers!

  1. Wear your retainers all of the time, except when eating or brushing.
  2. When your retainers are not in your mouth, ALWAYS keep them in your retainer case.
  3. Do not wrap retainers in a paper towel or napkin; this is the easiest way to lose them.
  4. Do not place loose retainers in your pocket, this is the easiest way to break them.
  5. Keep your retainers away from pets, dogs LOVE them.
  6. Clean your retainers by holding them carefully and brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  7. Do not place retainers in the microwave or in boiling water.
  8. If you have a bonded retainer, make sure you floss underneath the wire
Brush your retainers with toothpaste and your toothbrush

Brush your retainers with toothpaste and your toothbrush



Guide to Orthodontic Comfort

global-smiles.pngMost patients do not report sensitivity after they get their braces on at Global Smiles Orthodontics because we use gentle and slow movements to align teeth.  Despite this, many types of orthodontic treatment can come with some after-treatment pressure because of dynamic movement going on in the patient’s dentition.  Whether its Invisalign, braces, retainers, or palate expanders, it can be common for you or your child to feel some pressure after they leave the office. Here are some simple tips:

Use wax to cover the surfaces of braces to prevent sores. Some sores are caused from the inside of the mouth or lips coming into contact with orthodontic appliances.  It’s also possible to buy lip protectors for your child to wear at night, to help prevent any unconscious rubbing of the lip against the braces while sleeping.

After the visit, drinking cool beverages, or eating cold, soft food (such as yogurt or ice cream) can relieve any after-appointment sensitivity.

If your child is feeling some discomfort, find something to cause a distraction. Encourage them to watch a favorite TV show or film, read a book, play with their friends, or take a walk outside.

In most cases, the pain will subside after a few days.  But as a last resort taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen (if not allergic) about an hour or so before your scheduled visit can ease initial discomfort. This will help ensure the medication kicks in right around the time the work is being done.

Thanks for reading, let us know how Global Smiles Orthodontics can help!

Back to School is here!

Can you believe it’s time to head back to school already? The staff at Global Smiles Orthodontics hopes you have been enjoying a great summer, and are looking forward to the new school year.  We know you have a lot on your mind including new classes, new teachers and new academic challenges, but don’t forget to take great care of your teeth as well!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while wearing braces:

1. Leave your retainers in your locker at lunch.

2. Remember to wear your elastics; it can make a big difference in getting your braces off on time.

3. Don’t forget to brush and floss after lunch.

4. Stay away from hard candy and foods.

Brushing is important when you are back at school

Brushing is important when you are back at school

Great smiles are a family affair at Global Smiles

Great smiles are a family affair at Global Smiles