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What about Invisalign?

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I always get questions about Invisalign when my patients come in for an orthodontic consultation. There are many reasons to opt for Invisalign.  Some of the reasons include: not having metal around your teeth, Invisalign can be less irritable to your gums and tissue since your teeth are only surrounded by the plastic trays, Invisalign is removable so you can take them off to eat, and it is easier to keep your teeth clean without trying to brush around the wires.

So why doesn’t everyone get them?

For starters, they tend to cost more than the traditional braces you get from your orthodontist.  Some general dentists will offer the Invisalign for a low price but keep in mind a general dentist and an orthodontist are not the same.  The orthodontist is a specialist in moving teeth around with braces and Invisalign.  The orthodontist went to school for an average of 2-3 years after dental school and tends to have a few more tricks up his/her sleeve to finish treatment efficiently.  This makes sense since orthodontics is what an orthodontist does exclusively. (CLICK for more information)

Along with cost being a factor, not all patients can benefit from Invisalign and many fair better with the wider range of techniques that traditional braces offers.  In cases where patients have severe rotations and crowding, braces can lead to a shorter treatment time with better results.

If you or your child has a history of loosing things or does not remember to follow instructions, the Invisalign can lead to a longer treatment time because there are about 30 trays patients cycle through as the treatment progresses.  If one of those trays gets lost or is not worn adequately, the tooth movement will be suspended or the alignment of the teeth may get worse before it starts to get better again.  If you are a repeat offender you may be constantly “catching up” to your treatment.

I like the Invisalign and the results can be fantastic but it is just not for everyone.  Get in touch with us for any questions or visit us for your consultation! 

Dr. Mendieta

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Plane crash survival leads Orthodontist to New Zealand

Many of you who know me have known I love to travel!  Lately, that passion has taken me to a whole new hemisphere, New Zealand!

“Why New Zealand?” is a question I get asked a lot.  This video was the start of the “Journey Down Under”.  Afterwards, I started my practice,  Mendieta Orthodontics.  I have always enjoyed traveling and I took every break in school or work to take a trip somewhere new to experience new cultures and make new friends.  It also made me appreciate what I had here in America.  Being out of my comfort zone also made me see things from different perspectives.


On a trip to Mexico, our plane crash landed!  Thank God we all survived!  As you might expect, all of us survivors became best friends throughout the whole ordeal.  The pilot had mentioned a place called Perth which I had never heard of and had no idea where it was on the map!  After surviving that plane crash I told myself at some point after dental school I would live and work overseas with Perth in mind.  As it turned out I made it “Down under” but instead of Perth, Australia I landed in New Zealand!

Enjoy the video:)


Dr. Edgar Mendieta

Dentistry from the Heart

Last week we had an amazing showing at the Dentistry from the Heart event. It all started at 6am for a morning huddle to assign stations to take care of such procedures like diagnosis, checks, extractions, and fillings. At 7am the line outside the office that had formed was let inside for the beginning of hundreds of free fillings, extractions, and cleanings.

A special thank you to Drs. York and Elam for putting it together and all of the participants.  Including OSU dental students and GC for materials and sponsorship.

Dr. Mendieta

Dentistry from the Heart Oct 2011

Dentistry from the Heart plaque presented to Dr. Mendieta