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Different types of Retainers

It is a true fact that retainers are a very important part of every patient’s treatment plan.  Without a retainer to keep the teeth in place, the teeth will begin to shift naturally causing the treatment of your child’s braces to be compromised.

The retainer keeps the teeth in place after the braces are removed.  There are many options out there for retainers such as a clear Essix, your old-school acrylic and wire, Hawley retainer, that will show the wire across your teeth, or a permanent retainer that is hidden behind your teeth with wire to keep your teeth in place.

Retainers at Global Smiles Orthodontics

Retainers at Global Smiles Orthodontics

Speaking to your Orthodontist about your options will help you decide which is best for you. Listen to your Orthodontist for the retainer schedule that is fit for you; normally patients are supposed to wear their retainer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a year after removal of the braces excluding eating and brushing your teeth. After 12 months, you may talk to your Orthodontist about your retainer treatment plan to keep your smile looking great!


About those retainers…

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Why does my orthodontist ask me to wear my retainers after my braces come off?  The reasons is because you were a naughty patient and your orthodontist wants to punish you!  Just kidding! 🙂

The literature supports the need for lifetime retention.  This means the patient should keep their retainer handy forever.  The reason is that teeth tend to move back to their original location, i.e. before braces treatment.  In addition, the oral environment is dynamic in that the very dimension of the mandible tends change slightly throughout a person’s life.  The arch (bite form) can also change rather quickly if a patient looses a tooth for example.  What this means is teeth follow the laws of physics too and will move to an area of least resistance if a force, or lack thereof, allows it.  This is where our retainers come in.  The retainer will keep the teeth in the position they were in when the retainer was first made.

So don’t forget to wear those retainers!

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