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What does orthodontic “recall” mean for my kids?

It is perfectly okay to have kids put on recall. This means the patient is usually put on extended visits to the orthodontist.  A lot of orthodontists do this for young patients that come in for an evaluation for braces.  Here are some reasons why:

recall child

If your child still has baby teeth and the permanent teeth are erupting normally, the child may be put on recall until braces can be put on the permanent teeth.

Some patients may have gone through early orthodontic treatment called phase one.  The orthodontist could be checking on the patients status after phase one treatment but before the patient is ready for phase two treatment.

Your orthodontist may also want to track the growth of the jaws during recall to determine a more precise treatment plan once it is started.

If your child is placed on recall, Dr. Edgar Mendieta at Global Smiles Orthodontics will be happy to explain why.