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Your smile might be your top asset. In a study by the American Association of Orthodontist, people rated faces (regardless of physical characteristics) with beaming smiles as more attractive than those with not-so-big grins. More support for smiling: Women with great smiles and no makeup on were considered better-looking than those with makeup and a straight face, a U.K. study from Wrigley gum notes.

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Want to appear toned without the agony of pushups? Yes, please! People with “perfect” smiles (white, aligned teeth) are considered more athletic than those with bad teeth, a study in the American Journal of Orthodontics an Dentofacial Orthopedics reveals. Braces, anyone?


Giving Back through Dentistry

Member to Member Bulletin, Columbus Dental Soceiety

Dr. Edgar Mendieta
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Giving Back through Dentistry

After I graduated from dental school, I began my search for an associate position. I was ready to work and in debt thanks to my student loans! I reached for my alumni directory and scheduled a meeting with a dentist who fit the profile of someone who might be looking to bring on an associate. When I gave him a call he informed me that he was not looking for an associate at the time but if I was interested in working I should go volunteer. The nerve! After all hadn’t I essentially been volunteering my whole life? I needed a J-O-B!

However, after giving his words some thought, I ended up taking his advice and volunteered for a non-profit clinic on my days off from my part-time dental position. As it turned out, I really enjoyed working at the clinic. It gave me the opportunity to treat adolescents doing everything from endo to ortho. It paved the way to being hired by the organization and becoming their first senior staff dentist. Eventually, I cut my hours in private practice and began working more and more at the clinic where I ran the whole operation. It was so rewarding for not only me but for everyone involved. The patients we treated were so appreciative, the staff was eager to work, and my involvement in the community and with other doctors grew. It was a position that paved so many roads for me including my decision to become an orthodontist.

Fast forward to the present, some of you reading this may be looking for a change, could be at a crossroads in your career, or just looking to give back to the community. Well, a wonderful opportunity to get involved will soon be presenting itself to members or our society and profession. In the next few weeks, The Columbus Dental Society and Physicians CareConnection will be opening a clinic day at the Columbus Health Department. The purpose of this clinic will be to reach out to individuals who are in urgent need of dental work and have few other places to turn. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the society.

Who knows where your volunteerism and involvement may lead. Aside from getting a sense of gratification in helping your community and helping our profession express its goodwill, you may be inspired to improve or change your perspective.

Dr. Edgar Mendieta
Specialists in Orthodontics
“Because you and your smile are going places”
3079 W. Broad Street, Suite 6
Columbus, OH 43204
T: 614 279 6481
F: 614 279 0199

Columbus Dental Society Bulletin

Columbus Dental Society Bulletin

Member to Member:
Featuring Edgar Mendieta, DDS

Last Friday Night…

Last Friday Night, Katy Perry wore her high pull headgear!!  We loved it!

Katy Perry's Headgear

We love that she wore it last friday night!

Did you know there are other types?  Here is what they do:

Headgear is an appliance patients wear to correct the patient’s bite.  It can be used to hold teeth in their place (anchorage), move molars, change a patient’s bite, and aid orthopedic changes.

There are different types of head gear an orthodontist may prescribe (e.g. protraction, cervical, and high pull).

Protraction, cervical, & high pull headgear

Head gear is generally worn for 14-16 hours per day or as much as the patient can tolerate.  We generally do not make the patient wear it to school but the patient should wear it at home.

Once the desired movement is obtained the headgear should not be discontinued so that it can hold and prevent any relapse from occurring.  Your orthodontist will give specific instructions on the how long the patient will have to wear it for.

Any appliance will attract plaque so hygiene is super important!  Dr. Mendieta and staff stress brushing 3 times a day and flossing once a day.

Enjoy the vid, we did!

Vacation? Have braces? Just remember to…

Keeping your teeth/braces clean does not stop even when you are on vacation. Whether it’s to another state or overseas, here is what you should do and remember to take.

Keep your teeth clean even when on vacation

Tooth bugs never sleep, even when on vacation

1. Have fun on your vacation!  That’s the most important part.  Make sure you bring lots of fun pics back to show your orthodontist.  Dr. Mendieta loves it when patients show him your neat photos!

2. Tell your orthodontist of your travel plans so they can make arrangements for your next appointment when you return.  Certain procedures like debonding need to be scheduled at shorter intervals.

3. Add the office email and phone number to your contacts, just in case you have an emergency.

4. Take extra wax, in case some pinching/poking occurs.

5. Take a travel kit with a small tube of paste, mouth wash, floss, and a tooth brush case.  Remember, airports will not allow large size liquid containers as carry-on items.  In the odd chance you get a free meal on a domestic flight, you are prepared to brush:)

6. If a bracket falls off make sure you email or call your orthodontist right away! Dr. Mendieta gives his patients advice when they call.

7. Take Advil with you in case your teeth start to hurt or bother you!

8. Don’t forget your rubber bands, it’s a long flight and a good time to wear them!

Keep your teeth clean even when on vacation

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9. Have fun and remember to be at your next appointment when you arrive back home ready to show Dr. Mendieta your pictures:)

5 signs your child may need braces…

It’s easy to tell if your child may need to see the orthodontist.

Let’s show you how you can see for yourself!

There are 5 easy ways to check if your child may need braces

5 easy ways to check if your child may need braces

Here are some of the things to look for (clockwise):

1.  Check to see if there is an over bite.

2.  Is there a cross bite, also known as a “scissor” bite next to the molars?

3.  Check for a large gap in between the two front teeth.

4.  Are the teeth crowded or crooked?

5.  Check to see if there is an under bite.

These are a few of the signs orthodontics may be needed to help improve a smile. If you suspect a problem or have a question, make an appointment to be on the safe side!

Do you have questions or comments?  Let us know! 🙂