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Last Friday Night…

Last Friday Night, Katy Perry wore her high pull headgear!!  We loved it!

Katy Perry's Headgear

We love that she wore it last friday night!

Did you know there are other types?  Here is what they do:

Headgear is an appliance patients wear to correct the patient’s bite.  It can be used to hold teeth in their place (anchorage), move molars, change a patient’s bite, and aid orthopedic changes.

There are different types of head gear an orthodontist may prescribe (e.g. protraction, cervical, and high pull).

Protraction, cervical, & high pull headgear

Head gear is generally worn for 14-16 hours per day or as much as the patient can tolerate.  We generally do not make the patient wear it to school but the patient should wear it at home.

Once the desired movement is obtained the headgear should not be discontinued so that it can hold and prevent any relapse from occurring.  Your orthodontist will give specific instructions on the how long the patient will have to wear it for.

Any appliance will attract plaque so hygiene is super important!  Dr. Mendieta and staff stress brushing 3 times a day and flossing once a day.

Enjoy the vid, we did!