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Lemons, Soda, & your Enamel

Say no to lemons!  We don’t mean stop using it for cooking or making a beverage.  We mean don’t suck on them.  It is surprising how many people like the tangy or sour taste of a lemon that makes them pucker.  The reality is the acidic nature of lemons and soda can dissolve your enamel.  Once your enamel goes away, it does not grow back!  That being said, the next layer of your teeth is the dentin which if exposed can cause you to have sensitivity and may lead to tooth decay.

Constant acid exposure to enamel will cause the enamel to erode.

Constant acid exposure to enamel will cause erosion

Stay away from prolonged exposure to acidic foods like lemons and sodas.  If you do consume acidic beverages on a daily basis, try to neutralize the acid by swishing with water or better yet brushing afterwards.