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Did you know that by age 5, 30% of kids have tooth decay.  It is extremely important to impart good oral hygiene early on in every child’s upbringing.  A visit to the Pediatric dentist should be done between 6 months and 1 year old.  This is when your child will start to show their first baby tooth.

Erupting baby teeth

Bottom baby teeth erupt first

use to relieve sore gums

Wash Cloth used to relieve sore gums

Some tips to give the baby teeth a fighting chance from decay is to take a wash cloth and gently wipe the gums and teeth after feeding.  Sore gums as teeth erupt (teething) can be alleviated with a cold wet wash cloth over the gums.

Visit your Pediatric Dentist prior to age 1 or when the first tooth erupts and visit your Orthodontist by age 6.  Thanks for visiting!

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