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Getting braces is not based on age. It is based on the patient’s condition with how their jaws develop and/or how their teeth have grown in.  A consult with your Orthodontist at Global Smiles Orthodontics will help determine if you or your child is ready for braces.

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Global Smiles Orthodontics

Sometimes going in at an early age can help prevent a problem in the future.  Also if you have any questions or concerns about your teeth you can write them down and go over them with your orthodontist to be sure you’re getting all the answers you want at your appointment.

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Comments on: "Am I too young or old for braces?" (2)

  1. Even adults can get braces to help correct “bad teeth” from their childhood. Braces may be super common now but they weren’t quite as prevalent for the Baby Boomers. And braces can completely reshape your face, having a big impact on your oral health.

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