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Thanksgiving & Your Braces


With the holidays just around the corner children and adults crave food that need to be avoided during their orthodontic treatment. Here is a list of what food to avoid during the holidays and an alternative list of food to indulge your cravings.

Bad snacks for the holidays

Hard candies with nuts are prone to break your brackets

  • Sticky candy- Taffy, jolly rancher (fruit filling), gummy bears- Sticky candies take longer to get washed away by saliva, increasing the risk for tooth decay.  Especially around the bracket area.
  • Hard candy and Extremely hard-Jaw breakers, runts, shockers sweet tarts,  candy canes, peanut brittle- Hard candies are bad news because they break the brackets.

Good snacks for the holidays

  • Soft fruits include grapes, bananas, kiwi, mango and strawberries.
  • Pumpkin pies and Tina’s Yummies Cheese cakes:)

    Thanksgiving Cheesecake from Tina’s Yummies Bakery will not break your braces!

Always be sure to brush and floss every time you eat.  Thanks for visiting: Like us on our page:)


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