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It’s easy to tell if your child may need to see the orthodontist.

Let’s show you how you can see for yourself!

There are 5 easy ways to check if your child may need braces

5 easy ways to check if your child may need braces

Here are some of the things to look for (clockwise):

1.  Check to see if there is an over bite.

2.  Is there a cross bite, also known as a “scissor” bite next to the molars?

3.  Check for a large gap in between the two front teeth.

4.  Are the teeth crowded or crooked?

5.  Check to see if there is an under bite.

These are a few of the signs orthodontics may be needed to help improve a smile. If you suspect a problem or have a question, make an appointment to be on the safe side!

Do you have questions or comments?  Let us know! 🙂


Comments on: "5 signs your child may need braces…" (5)

  1. how do you tell if you have an overbite and an underbite

    • Hi Lindsay,
      If your lower front teeth “close” in front of your upper front teeth it’s called an underbite. As for an overbite, generally, most people have and some degree of an overbite. It is an issue if it is extensive. Let me know if you need a pic to clarify. Best to see an orthodontist for an evaluation.

    • Its not too difficult really. Your front lower teeth should fit behind your front upper teeth. If the distance is severe you have what most people call an overbite. It is actually called over jet. If the reverse occurs you have an underbite. Best to see an orthodontist for a proper evaluation. Good luck:)

  2. On my bottom row of teeth two of my teeth in the front are a little bit behind the others , does that mean i need braces?

    • It depends on if you want them to line up. If it does not bother you and nobody notices, then you would be ok without them. But if you want to have a straighter smile and it something that you want to fix, you should see and orthodontist for an evaluation. A lot of factors tie into why your teeth may be a bit behind the others. For example, lack of space or how your teeth bite.

      Let us know what you decide:)

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